Winter tourism


We suggest you to taste their paths only if you are searching for:

– Very spacious slopes for beginners and competition tracks for experienced skiers
– To spend a day in less than 15 Euro
– More than reasonable prices of accommodation, food and equipment rental
– Restaurants, cafés and clubs with prices affordable for every budget
– Relaxation, fun and comfortable atmosphere
– Snowboarding
– Paragliding
– Fast and convenient access to the capital Sarajevo and more good … It’s just so good … trust!


Jahorina and Bjelasnica – Olympic mountains

Mount Jahorina and Bjelasnica, were hosts of the Olympic Games in 1984, are among the best and most inexpensive skiing in Europe.


Two roads and more than 100 km of roads make Vlasic one of the most accessible mountains in the Balkans, which is open throughout the year. Its geographical position is unique, it is equally distant from the Adriatic Sea and the large inland cities. The highest peak is Opaljenik 1943 meters high, dominates the mountain. On this mountain you can see the snow almost five months a year, with few stormy days, and during the summer, because of its rich forests, meadows with a variety of flowers, river Ugar and livestock production, which is the most successful product is famous “Vlasic cheese”. Sports and recreation center “Babanovac” on Vlasic at an altitude of 1260 meters is connected to Travnik with two roads and thus the center of winter tourism in this area. He is known for the international competition in ski jumping named “Pokal Vlašić”, with 90 meters high diving board, and is considered one of the most natural and the most southern ski jump. Her name is “Silver snowflake”, and in 1979 was declared the best arranged ski winter center in former Yugoslavia.


Kupres is a very attractive tourist destination, the ideal place for rest and recreation in all seasons. In winter there are wonderful ski resorts in summer, the facilities for an active vacation. Kupres plateau, surrounded by high mountains, is ideal for those who like adventure and who find satisfaction in paragliding, hiking, hunting or relaxing picnics. Nature was indeed generous in Kupres area. Every year, the first week of July is known as “Harvest Days at Kupres” – a unique manifestation of tradition, folklore, traditional crafts and skills, and sport which date from the time of the Ottoman Empire.