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Nacionalni park Sutjeska

Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At Sutjeska is the highest peak in BiH to 2,386 meters. Mountain Maglic situated at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and can be accessed through the park - it's a great challenge for mountaineers, climbers and nature lovers. Sutjeska River has for millennia its way through the steep canyon and flows through the heart of this park which has an area of ​​17,500 hectares. It is difficult to measure the natural beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina but Sutjeska certainly offers the best of the best. The mountains in this complex, lakes, rivers and forests and flora and fauna - are among the most magnificent in Europe. This range extends up to Prokletija, Surat and harsh mountains on the border between Montenegro and Albania. If you want to lose the forests like the one from the story of Robin Hood, this is the place where you can experience. There are places for camping, mountain lodges, hiking with guides, hiking, skiing, fishing .., and probably the most amazing experience of nature, that you could ever zamisliti.U this untamed nature you will find calmness, with professional guides and, of course, warmly and sincerely Bosnian hospitality, with homemade organic food. Whether it is a fresh tea and herbs grown in our meadows, meat grown on free mountain pastures, traditional cheese and milk from our village who are like the "old times", or fine local brandies - Sutjeska is your ticket to the world unexperienced adventures in nature!

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Hutovo Blato

In southern Herzegovina, in the Lower Neretva valley, where the Romans erected fortifications and cities, there is a famous Hutovo Blato, halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the historic city of Mostar. This nature park is a haven for hundreds of species of birds, fish and other animals.Tubuliseal crystal clear waters of Hutovo Blato spawn eels, carp, perch and other cyprinid ribe.Ovo is an ideal place for fishing, bird watching and photo safari.U offer and regular boat ride, with professional guides. Hutovo Blato is also suitable for family trips, for one or more days.


Situated between the rivers Una, Sava, Sana and Vrbas, in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kozara in 1967 declared a protected areal. Dense, deep and healthy forests and flowery mountain meadows earned her the title "Green Beauty". Kozara is known as a hunting ground with more 18,000 acres of landscaped hunting area, inhabited by herds of deer, hares, wild boar, fox, marten, pheasant and wild ducks. Photo safaris, walking, picking herbs and flowers, cycling, jogging and climatic treatments have a long tradition in Kozara. In winter there is a small ski lift and ski equipment you can rent. There are catering services, accommodation and recreational facilities. If you love hunting or just want to spend a quiet and relaxing day in nature ... Kozara is a great place for families, with a variety of activities for all!


Bjelasnica Mountain towers over the south west edge of Sarajevo. Bjelasnica hosted several disciplines during the Winter Olympic Games in 1984. On this magnificent mountain and today you can see the traditional Bosnian villages, farmers' cottages and mills, deployed along the canyons, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. While the base of the mountain shrouded in large areas of dense forest, it disappears above the forest that is at 1700 meters. There Bjelasnica shows his numerous bare peaks inhabited by wolves, wild boars and bears. Bjelasnica is the area's natural wonders ... ideal for lovers!