Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of southeast Europe. Here eastern and western civilizations met, sometimes clashed, but more often enriched and reinforced each other throughout its long history.
There are many fascinating destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for every type of tourist. One gets the best of everything.
Most interesting and attractive sites are a wonderful mix of cultural and natural heritage. It is almost impossible to separate them, because culture and traditions have evolved precisely from this pristine nature.
Authors Guide “Bosnia and Herzegovina” Beata Skrzypek and Pawel Pomykalski, issued by publishing house REWASZ they were The Magellan in the competition for “Best tourist publikacja 2011”. The book won the top prize in the category of “written instructions”. The award was presented by redakcja “Literary magazine KSIĄŻKI” from Polish.
National Geographic ranked BiH in the top ten destinations for adventure tourism in 2012. In addition to world destinations for skiing rafting, hiking, and other adrenaline sports, BiH was named the best mountain biking trails. Three years ago the company, Lonely Planet declared Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state that has the potential to become a top adventure destination in Eastern Europe.





Bosnia and Herzegovina, a land of breath-taking natural beauties and everlasting historical and cultural heritage, largely matches the new market travel trends particularly requirements of the travelers who are looking for new destinations, adventure and authenticity.
This beautiful country has so much to offer for those people who seek different experiences, away from the crowd, whether they are looking of skiing, rafting, hunting or patient bird-watching. Those who search for more cultural tourism will be able to relive centuries of history by visiting many vestiges and heritage dating back to Roman, even prehistoric times.
With its rich tourist offer B&H can satisfy the needs of the global travelers regardless of their budget and preferences. Moreover, the tourists will enjoy B&H gastronomic offer of different traditional and organic dishes.
The most promising tourism segments:
  • Ski and Mountain tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Spa tourism
  • Cultural Heritage & Religious tourism
  • Adventure & Sports tourism
  • Sea tourism
Tourism sector in B&H has an enormous potential for development, possessing all preconditions to play a significant role within the country economy. Consequently, tourism development in B&H was recognized as one of the top priorities of an overall national economic development policy.
Significant efforts have been put into creation of a favorable business and investment environment for potential investors.