16 Jul 2014. – The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan organized a charity dinner to help the flood victims in BiH

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan organized a charity dinner to help the flood victims in BiH.On 16 July 2014, the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan and the PinkBeauty Foundation organized a charity dinner in the exclusive Japanese restaurant Happo-en to help the victims of the devastating floods and landslides in Bosnia and Herzegovina The proceeds from the dinner went to the population of flooded areas in BiH and the rehabilitation of minefields moved by landslides. The dinner was attended by about 70 people, namely the representatives of diplomatic missions, prominent public figures of Japan, the professors of the Japanese Meikai and Kasei Universities.The special guest of the evening was the Princess Takako Shimazu (Princess Suga-no-miya) with her husband – the youngest sister of the Japanese Emperor Akihito. The sponsor of the charity dinner, the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan Anesa Kundurović, expressed her gratitute to the attendees for their presence, and the support and solidarity of the Japanese people, expressed her wish and hope that the next gathering will be on the occasion of celebrations and cultural events, and asked the partici

14 Jul 2014. – Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, visited the Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures

14 July 2014 Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, visited the Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures On 14 and 15 July 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan organized the visit of the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, to Fukushima and Sendai, who have suffered the most from the consequences of the devastating earthquake of 2011. In the Fukushima Prefecture, a meeting with the Mayor of Fukushima, Kaoru Kobayashi, and his associates was held. In her introductory speech, Ambassador Kundurović expressed deep regret over the victims of the nuclear disaster, and noted her appreciation for the assistance offered to BiH during the recent floods and the support shown by the youngest residents of Fukushima – the Kasennuma kindergarten, through their drawings and banners sent to their peers in BiH. The same support was sent by children in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Brcko District, three years ago, to the children affected by the consequences of the nuclear disaster. Ambassador Kundurović thanked the Mayor for the reception and expressed her hope that the process of decontamination of nuclear power plants, as well as creat

01 Jul Exhibition of Award Winning Works from BiH

Exhibition of Award Winning Works from BiH On the premises of the Municipality of Meguro in Tokyo, an exhibition of award winning works, children’s drawings from Bosnia and Herzegovina, was opened. The sponsors of the exhibition are the Municipality of Meguro, a non-governmental organization Ipil-Ipil, MIFA- Meguro International Friendship Association and the BiH Embassy in Tokyo. The exhibition will be open to the public from 1 to 17 July 2014, and upon its very opening it received a great deal of attention of the citizens, students and general public. The Municipality of Meguro is one of the larger municipalities of the Prefecture of Tokyo with the total population of around 270,000. In order to facilitate cultural exchange, the Municipality made available a part of its space on the first floor of the building, free of charge, for the organization of the exhibition. The non-governmental organization Ipil-Ipil visited Bosnia and Herzegovina this year and organized a competition in children’s drawings in which 9 primary schools from the Sarajevo area took part. Award winning works were presented at the exhibition, and all the participants from BiH received plaques and t

03 Jun Interview with a Journalist of theTV channel J-Sports

Interview with a Journalist of theTV channel J-Sports On 3 June 2014, Mr. Kyoko Koshikawa, a sports journalist of J-Sports TV channel with his crew visited the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo in relation to the upcoming Football World Championship in Brazilin order to have an interview with the BiH Ambassador regarding the participation of the BiH football team on the Championship.With respect to the Football World Championship, journalists and commentators of the sports TV channel requested an interview from the ambassadors of 32 countries whose national teams are going to participate in the World Championship in Brazil. Ambassador Kundurović introduced the representatives of J-Sports Corporation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, underlining the beauty of its nature, the country’s rich historic and cultural heritage, calling it a unique place in the world where the civilizations of the east and west meet, and stressing the optimistic spirit of the people despite all the difficulties. She underlined the great success of our team in having qualified and appearing for the first time in the World Championship, noting that Bosnian Dragons were greeted with ovations and had

22 May Presentation of Turkish Airlines on the Japanese Market

Presentation of Turkish Airlines and the promotion of touristic potentials of the Balkans’ countries on the Japanese market held on 22 May 2014 The presentation of the Turkish company and the promotion of the region of Balkans was attended by representatives of 25 Japanese tourist agencies,representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Japan, a number of private companies, and representatives of Relax tours and Fortuna tours from BiH. Promotion materials of the companies from the region of the Balkans were handed out to those present, and Ambassador Kundurović handed out BiH touristic materials received via Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH. During her address, ambassador Kundurović stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina had great and diverse touristic potential and natural beauties. The area of Bosnia and Herzegovinais rich in woods, medicinal herbs, thermal springs, mineral and drinking water sources. Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its spa and rehabilitation tourism, picturesque landscapes, mountains, rivers and lakes. She highlighted the cooperation with the most famous Japanese tour operator HIS Co, who has announced the visit of Japanese tourists to Bosnia a

09 Apr The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurovic, presented the letters of credence to the Japanese Emperor Akihito

9 April 2014 The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, presented the letters of credence to the Japanese Emperor Akihito The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, presented the letters of credence to the Japanese Emperor Akihito at the official ceremony held on 9 April 2014 at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Ambassador Kundurović conveyed the greetings of the Presidency of BiH and expressed her wish to intensify cooperation in all fields, especially in the economic field and in encouring Japanese investors to invest in the BiH economy. Ambassador Kundurović expressed her gratitude for the continuous support of the Government and citizens of Japan to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens through various grants and projects and their great contribution to the reconstruction and recovery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on this occasion invited the Emperor Akihito to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ambassador Kundurović stated that one of her first official visits will be organized to Fukushima and the region affected by the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, for the purpose of offering support and solidarity with the Japanese people. The

08 Apr 38th Asia-Pacific Festival and Bazaar

At the invitation of ALFS /Asia –Pacific Ladies Friendship Society/ the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina participates at the traditional 38th annual bazaar held at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo,on 8 April 2014 ALFS Foundation celebrates this year the 45th anniversary of its work and promotes the solidarity and friendship among all member states. The annual charity bazaar, which takes place in April each year, is the central manifestation of the ALFS, and funds raised by the sale are designated for the Asia-Pacific Region affected by earthquake and flood. This year, 26 countries took part in the charity bazaar with their national products. The Bazaar was visited by 3000 visitors who were able to enjoy various national cuisines and rich cultural program. The BiH Embassy in Japan donated the product of Klas Sarajevo Company, Bosnian traditional cookies and other bakery products from the assortment of Klas, which was met with good reception by the visitors. The President of the Society, Ms.Haruko Komura,thanked the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Anesa Kundurović, for the donated products and expressed her conviction that the successful cooperation between ALFS and

05 Apr Meeting with the BH Diaspora in Japan

At the initiative of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo, on 5 April 2014, an informal whole-day socializing with the citizens of BiH in Japan was organized in a well known Tokyo park of Shinjuku Gyoen.15 out of 26 citizens ofBiHwith their families, who according to the Embassy’s record are staying in Japan, attended the event. The occasion for the meeting in the organization of the Embassy of BiHin Japan was the marking of the Japanese traditional custom of cherry blossom viewing and the introduction of the new Ambassador of BiH to Japan to the citizens of BiH. The month of April when cherries bloom is a great event in Japan, both for the Japanese people and for all others in Japan. The tradition which is thousands of years old, known as hanami, which means cherry blossom viewing, is celebrated in various ways, primarily by family and friends gathering and sitting under the cherry tree. Ambassador Anesa Kundurović thanked the BiH citizens for accepting her invitation and informed them of the Embassy’s activities conducted with the objective of promoting the tourism, culture, customs and tradition of BiHin Japan. In order to promote the BH touristic potential

25 Mar 2014. – The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Akita Saiki

25 March 2014 The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Akita Saiki The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anesa Kundurović, met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Akita Saiki, on 25 March 2014. During a very cordial and friendly conversation, they exchanged opinions on relations between BiH and Japan, as well as the current world events. Ambassador Kundurović expressed her gratitude to the Government and citizens of Japan for their continuous assistance during the post-war period, provided by the Government of Japan, as one of the biggest donors in the country, through a number of projects in various sectors, and stressed that there are almost no municipalities without Japanese donations in BiH. A special emphasis was placed on the recent grant provided by the Government of Japan in the amount of 4.6 million KM for the purchase of medical and meteorological equipment and equipment for protection against natural disasters. The Deputy Minister Saiki thanked BiH for the support it offered during and after the tsunami and earthquake of 2011. On this occasion, Ambassador Kundurovi

07 Mar Reception on the Occasion of the 8.March, the International Women’s Day, and the Beginning of the Realization of the Women Networking

Ambassador Anesa Kundurovic attended the reception organized on the occasion of the International Women’s Day,8th March, held in the residence of the Ambassador of Colombia, Ms. Patricia Kardenas. The reception was conceived, at the initiative of the Colombian Ambassador, as a beginning of an open discussion between successful Japanese women from the domain of business and politics and women ambassadors to Japan, aimed at promoting more active inclusion of Japanese women into various spheres of the society. According to the political platform of the current Prime MinisterShinzo Abe, it is their goal to create by 2020 a society in which 30% of Japanese women would be employed in the administration, business and other spheres of society. However, a small number of Japanese women participate in business, and a very minor number head leading firms or companies (the number is very low in supervisory positions in the administration). The main reason for this, according to the Japanese themselves, is the state of mind and traditional up-bringing which requires that women should take care of the household and the family. Women ambassadors to Japan (currently 16 ambassadors) have supp

03 Mar Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Visits Japan

At the invitation of the Government of Japan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms.Ermina Salkicevic- Dizdarevic, pays a working visit to Japan. Deputy Minister had a meeting with the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Takao Makino, aimed at identifying new possibilities of future development of economic cooperation. Proposals for the improvement of the conditions for economic cooperation between these two countries were put forward.Possibilities for upgrading cooperation in the fields of mutual interest, as well as for the encouragement of mutual investment, were considered with special attention. Deputy Minister met with Director General for Middle East and Europe “JAPAN International Cooperation Agency“ – JICA, Mr.Koenuma Akihiko. For a number of years JICA has been implementing projects in BiH in various fields. In this context, the expansion of environmental cooperation was discussed, as well as the role that JICA could play in this respect. Considering that in the period from4 to 7 March 2014, Tokyo hosts the 39th Food and Beverage Exhibition, FOODEX 2014, as well as the fact that Japan External Trade

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