31 Aug Ambasador Maric laid flowers at the Memorial park monument in HIROSHIMA

On August the 5th Ambassador MARIC bowed before the Memorial park Monument in respect to the victims of the atomic bombing and delivered a message to the organizing committee from BH cities, members of "Mayors for Peace". Speaking with HIROSHIMA officials, Ambasador MARIC said victims of atomic bombing should never be forgotten and should remind us of the need to conduct policies of peace and dialogue, that will promote and respect the highest human values. In addition, Ambassador MARIC said that it is the World Leaders' duty to prevent such tragedies in future by denuclearization. From the 5th to 9th August, invited by Mayors of HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, Ambassador MARIC will attend the 72nd ceremony in respect to the victims of the atomic bombing. The ceremony will include a visit to the Memorial Park, bowing before victims' monument, survivors' testimonies, student encounters and meetings with the highest officials of the two cities. The Mayor of HIROSHIMA, Mr. MATSUI thanked Ambassador MARIC for his solidarity and presence at the memorial of the world's biggest atomic tragedy.

31 Aug Meeting with the Mayor of Karatsu

On August the 7th, the Mayor of KARATSU, SAGA Prefecture, Mr. MINE welcomed Ambassador MARIC to the city of KARATSU as a part of the memorial ceremonies in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. The city of KARATSU is a historical city known for trade with China and Korea. Durig the meeting Ambassador MARIC spoke of the importance of regional and local exchanges. As a result KARATSU accepted the intiative to host the exposition of children's drawings from BH organized by a Japanese organization IPIL IPIL in association with the embassy of BH in Japan. Ambassador MARIC emphasized on the significance of cultural exchange among local communities and encouraged further relations among the cities of the two countries.

31 Aug Ambassador MARIC lay flowers in Park of Peace in NAGASAKI

On August the 8th Ambassador MARIC laid flowers on the monument commemorating victims of atomic bombing in the Park of Peace in NAGASAKI. Ambassador MARIC will attend the memorial ceremony on August the 9th which will be opened by the the songs of peace played by survivors HIBAKUSHA choir . During the talks with the organizers of the memorial ceremony the Ambassador sressed the importance of the coomemoration and of survivors' testamonies in assuring and building world peace as one of the highest values of civilization. He also welcomed the efforts of NAGASAKI that further promote denuclearization. A letter of gratitude from the NAGASAKI Mayor's office showed appreciation for Ambassador's aknowledgement and support to the 72nd commemoration ceremony held from the 7th to the 9th August.

31 Aug Meeting with the newly appointed MFA Mr. KONO

On August the 5th, Ambasador MARIC met with the newly appointed minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Toro KONO in HIROSHIMA during the atomic bombing commemoration ceremony . Ambassador MARIC congratulated Mr. KONO and expressed his wish to further ameliorate relations among the two countries specially in the field of economy and trade. Mr. KONO expressed his gratitude towards Ambassador MARIC's attendance and solidarity. Ambassador MARIC took the opportunity to support a World with no nuclear weapons which was highly welcomed by Mr. KONO. Japan pushes for denuclearization by presenting their own three principles of non possession, non production and non authorization on it's territory as an example.

31 Aug Presentation of OKOYAMA Prefecture

On August the 2nd, invited by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ambassador MARIC attended the presentation of OKOYAMA Prefecture at the State Guest House. In addition to the magnificesnt video recording, the presentation was topped with a traditional opening of SAKE barrels. After the official presentation Ambassador MARIC spoke with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. KISHIDA of the significance of regional promotion and Mr. KISHIDA too the opportunity to sent best regards to BH Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Igor CRNADAK. Later on, the governor of YAKAHOMA, Mr. IBARAGI invited Ambassador MARIC to visit the region and explore the future fields of cooperation. YAKAHOMA is home to 2 million people and is best known for its fruit production.

11 Jul Attending the Presentation on Fukuoka Prefecture

On July the 4th, Ambassador MARIC attended the comprehensive presentation of Fukuoka Prefecture at IKURA House. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the presentation led by Fukuoka’s Governor Mr. OGAWA and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. KISHIDA, exposed prefecture’s industry, tourist potential, tradition and international cooperation. Fukuoka Prefecture is home to 5,1m residents and Fukuoka City hosts over 16 thousand foreign students. In addition Fukuoka City will host sportsmen from Norway and Sweden afore Japan’s Olympic and Paralympic games. Ambassador MARIC spoke of the possibilities of cooperation between Fukuoka prefecture and BH’s regions with Mr. OGAWA who later invited Ambassador MARIC to visit Fukuoka Prefecture.

26 Jun Visit to Japanese Corporation “Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd” -Yokohama City (MHPS)

On June the 21st, Ambassador MARIC visited the Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) Corporation. Specialized in turbine production, the MHPS has begun the construction of Desulphation Systems in the thermoelectric power plant “Ugljevik”. Executive vice-president of MHPS, Mr. MAEDA has welcomed Ambassador MARIC’s support in negotiations and his presence during the Opening Ceremony in May in Ugljevik. Ambassador MARIC underlined the significance of the project that not only helps BH achieve EU energy standards within given deadlines, but also improves the living conditions of people living in close proximity of the Power Plant, thus contributes to the environment protection. In regard to the established contacts with “Elektroprivreda” BiH, Ambassador MARIC emphasized on the need of enacting new projects of a similar kind for “Tuzla Bloc 6” and “Kakanj Bloc 7″ power plants and that efforts from both sides will be needed to secure attractive financial support models of the Japanese government. Mr. MAEDA agreed with Ambassador MARIC’s suggestions and has announced MHPS visit to “Elektroprivreda” BiH to negotiat

12 Jun SARAJEVO TOURISM FESTIVAL 2017 Application for participation and invitation letter Turizam2017eng INTERNATIONAL SARAJEVO TOURISM FESTIVAL 39th International Tourism and Tourist Stock 6th International Fair of Hotel and Catering equipment and Catering The event, “International sarajevo Toursm Festival” is an important gathering place for all participants in tourism, and therefore important marketing tool for the presentation of offers of tourist destinations and services. The program of this fair event includes: Gathering of all participants in the tourism industry in one place Presentation of domestic and foreign tourism Promotion of local tourism and natural resources Promotion of domestic and foreign tour operators and travel companies A range of domestic and foreign tourist capacities Promotion health tourism Promotion religious tourism Promotion of rural tourism Offering of the winter tourist centers in the country and the region Offering vacation at the sea in country and region A range of hotel and catering furniture, appliances, equipment and necessary facilities Offer of gastro-food products and bevera

09 Jun Visit to the International House of Japan

On June the 6th, Ambassador MARIC visited the International House of Japan (IHJ), a nongovernmental and non-profit organization whose main purpose is the intellectual exchange between Japan and other foreign countries through lectures, symposiums, cultural events and programs for human development. The president of IHJ Mr. AKASHI, a former High diplomat and a Special Representative of Secretary General of the UN for former Yugoslavia, during his meeting with Ambassador MARIC, introduced his peaceful role in fostering equality and mutual trust among the people in BH. Speaking of the much-needed good neighbourly relations, Mr. AKASHI also stressed upon the need to further deepen the mutual respect among Japan, China and Korea. Ambassador MARIC acknowledged Mr. AKASHIS peace-making role and spoke of the current developments in BH. He also took the opportunity to thank Japan for its efforts in reconstruction and development in BH after the tragic events of the 1990’s. Mr. AKASHI invited Ambassador MARIC to attend seminars organized by the IHJ and to give a lecture on the progress of post-Dayton BH.

09 Jun Japan Regional Promotion Seminar

On June the 5th, Ambassador MARIC attended the Japan Regional Promotion seminar. GUNMA prefecture, “ISE-SHIMA” area, “CITY of YOKOHAMA” and “TSUBAME-SANJO” Area presented, among all, its Olympic potentials. Given the floor, Ambassador MARIC welcomed the promotion emphasizing its contribution to economic diplomacy and the increasing number of tourists as it was observed in Beijing and London after hosting the Olympic games. He also took the opportunity to thank NAGANO city for its intention to host BH sports representatives before and after the Olympic games in 2020. Director of the Secretariat for Olympic Games Mr. HANY thanked Ambassador MARIC for his commentary and announced his visit to the Embassy of BH in Tokyo.

09 Jun Ambassador MARIC as the Honorary Member of FEC

On June the 6th, Ambassador MARIC met the President of The International Friendship Exchange Council (FEC) Mr. MATSUZAWA and the Director of FEC Ambassador YUSHITA and was awarded the title of honorary member of FEC. As an international non-profit organization, FEC seeks to deepen friendship and exchange knowledge with other countries through promotion of small and medium- range businesses, Japanese delegation’s visits and meetings with representatives of foreign governments and trade chambers, as well as supporting women in business. Ambassador MARIC honoured by the title, will as member attend FEC annual meetings in the goal of promoting BH cultural, economic and touristic potentials.

06 Jun Encounter with Keidanren President

Ambassador of BH to Japan, H.E. Mr. MARIC has attended the 70th Anniversary Ceremony of Keidanren, the Japan Business Foundation regrouping 109 industrial associations, 1380 companies and 47 regional economic organizations. Mr. SAKAKIBARA, president of Keidanren, in his address spoke of Keidanren’s positive influence on Japan’s growing economy based on innovation and free market. The Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. ABE welcomed and affirmed Keidanren’s role in promoting and contributing to the Japanese economy. Ambassador MARIC expressed the will to establish cooperation among BH business industry and Keidanren and has been invited by Mr. SAKAKIBARA to visit the biggest Japan Business Foundation.

06 Jun Visits Representatives of Media Agency RealQ

On May the 29th, Ambassador MARIC gave an interview for RealQ, a newly founded media agency that according to it’s president Mr. Shinya KIZAKI, has the purpose of connecting and sharing common values between the Japanese and foreign youth. Given the BH origins of the sports idol Ivica OSIM and national football team coach of Japan Mr. Vahid HALILHODZIC, Mr. KIZIKI as a former sports journalist, intends to contribute to the BH-Japanese youth acquaintances. Ambassador MARIC, inquired about Bosnia and Herzegovina, spoke of culture, customs, sports and education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and designated the youth as the force of positive and evolving change in any society. Mr. KIZAKI and Mr. KAWANO thanked the Ambassador for the interview and all the useful information that will give the Japanese youth a better understanding of their BH peers.

19 May Accreditation Ceremony on May 10 2017

On Wednesday, May 10 ,2017 the new Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan, H.E. Mr. Borislav MARIC presented his credentials to His Majesty the Emperor Akihito. Ambassador MARIC greeted His Majesty the Emperor Akihito on behalf of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and expressed his honor and desire to deepen cooperation in all fields with special focus on economic ties and investments. The Ambassador has taken the opportunity to thank Japan on its continuous support in BH reconstruction and development programs and has used this occasion to invite the members of the royal family to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. His Majesty the Emperor conveyed his content of the relations between the two countries and has wished a successful mandate to Ambassador MARIC in further developing their bilateral and multilateral relations. His Majesty the Emperor uttered his gratitude for BH support to Japanese seats and initiatives with in International Organizations. Japanese Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Yosuke Tsuruho attended the Accreditation Ceremony and later took the chance to engage into a longer conversation with Ambassador MARIC.

16 May Opening ceremony of desulphation system construction site in Ugljevik thermoelectric power plant

On May the 15th, invited by thermoelectric power plant director, Mr. POPOVIC, Ambassador MARIC attended the official opening ceremony of desulphation construction site in Ugljevik mine and thermoelectric power plant (RiTE Ugljevik). The Ambassador of Japan in BH Mr. Kazuya OGAWA, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mining of Republik of Srpska (RS) Mr. Petar DJOKIC, representatives from RiTE Ugljevik led by director POPOVIC, representatives from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power syestems, ACTIV Austria, Rudis Slovenia, as well as the representatives from the government of RS, Council of Ministers of BH, Ugljevik Municipality, Elekroprivreda RS and many other business partners attended the ceremony. Supported by the Japanese government load of 80 million euros, the project offers the biggest ecological advances in the region. Ambassador MARIC told the local media that the project would accelerate BH efforts to meet EU gas emission standards; it would create added value BH products and provide more job opportunities.

16 May Retrospective exhibition “Japan through the lens of diplomats”

On May the 11th, invited by Princess TAKAMADO, Ambassador MARIC, attended the 20 year anniversary exhibition " Japan through the lens of diplomats". The exhibition featured retrospective photographs taken by ambassadors and diplomats from 1998 to 2017. Princess TAKAMADO, the honorary president of the executive committee, emphasized on the importance of such perspective for Japanese people. Famous for her photographic pieces, princess TAKAMADO expressed her gratitude for all exhibitors and invited ambassadors to join this year’s traditional exhibition with their own photographs. Ambassador MARIC shared his appreciation for the photographs with Princess TAKAMADO, and spoke of the meaningful cultural exchange and the link it creates among authors and the public. Ambassador MARIC took the opportunity to introduce BH Association of Art photography founded in 1910 and also invite Princess TAKAMADO to visit BH.

10 May Predaja akreditiva

Ambasador Bosne i Hercegovine u Japanu, Borislav Marić, dana 10.05.2017.godine uručio je akreditivna pisma Njegovom Carskom Visočanstvu, japanskom Caru Akihitu u svečanoj ceremoniji koja je održana u carskoj palati u Tokiju. Tokom obraćanja, ambasador Marić je prenio pozdrave Predsjedništva BiH japanskom Caru i izrazio želju za intenziviranjem saradnje u svim oblastima, posebno na ekonomskom planu i animiranju japanskih investitora za ulaganja u privredu BiH. Ambasador Marić se zahvalio na kontinuiranoj podršci Vlade Japana Bosni i Hercegovini kroz različite grantove i projekte i veliki doprinos Japana u procesu rekonstrukcije i obnove Bosne i Hercegovine. Govoreći o prijateljskim vezama i međudržavnim odnosima, istakao je da ima veliku čast i privilegiju predstavljati svoju zemlju u Japanu. Naglasio je da će se zalagati za dalje unapređenje odnosa između dvije države, te je ovom prilikom uputio poziv članovima carske porodice da posjete Bosnu i Hercegovinu. Car Akihito je izrazio zadovoljstvo dobrim i prijateljskim odnosima dvije zemlje, te zaželio uspjeh u radu novoimenovanom ambasadoru sa željom da se odnosi dvije zemlje dalje razvijaju i unapređuju na bilateralnom i m

10 May Visit to the Sophia University

On May the 9th, Ambassador MARIC visited Shophia University in Tokyo, one of the most prominent private universities in Japan. Ambassador MARIC held talks on promoting cooperation in education with professors Toshiaki KOSO and Taro KOMATSU. Professor KOSO introduced the academic achievements of the University with other 298 educational institutions in over 59 countries. He emphasized on professor KOMATSU’s achievements in deepening cooperation with the University of Sarajevo in the fields of foreign language learning methods and approaches. Ambassador MARIC proposed new initiatives in fostering the academic exchange between the University of Sophia and higher education institutions in BH as means of direct contribution to the acquaintance with diverse cultures and traditions as well as the contribution to the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

08 May Obilježavanje 70-godišnjice Ustava Japana, 1947-2017

Na poziv NJ.E. Tadamari Oshima, Predsjedavjući Doma Naroda u Parlamentu Japana,ambasador je prisustvovao svečanom obilježavanju sedamdesetogodišnjice usvajanja Ustava Japana, koje je uz prisustvo velikog broja akreditovanih ambasadora u ovoj zemlji, održano u rezidenciji navedenog japanskog zvaničnika. Obilježavanje je svečano proteklo uz prigodan govor NJ, E. Tadamari Oshima, te takodje dostojanstvenim upriličenim programom, koji je obuhvatio prezentovanje cijelog perioda od 70 godina u smislu nabrajanja najvažnijih dogadjaja u Japanu u naznačenom periodu, uključujući političke, te značajne  dogadjaje na poljima ekonomije, kulture i dogadjaja koji su se desili u smislu katastrofa u Japanu (zemljotresi)  i druge dogadjaje.Spomenuti su izmedju ostalih, dogadjaji, vezano za uspostavljanje diplomatskih odnosa sa SAD, tadašnjim SSSR, NR Kinom, posjeta bivšeg predsjednika SAD , Hirošimi, te uspjesi na polju ekonomije, više kulturnih dogadjaja.Sve je proteklo uz izvedbu poznatih muzičkih “ numera” od strane japanskog muzickog orkestra.

07 Apr MHPS Representatives’ visit to the Embassy of BH in Japan

On April the 5th, 2017 Ambassador MARIC initiated a meeting with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) general manager Mr. Ryoichi ITO and vice general manager Mr. Akira TODA, in light of the thermoelectric power plant Ugljevik desulphation project. Ambassador MARIC uttered his support for the MHPS project as an important step in extending the operative life expectancy of the power plant but also in bettering environmental and health protection as well as meeting the international standards on gas emission. Construction of desulphation systems is the biggest investment of this type in the region and has potential to expend to other power plants in the region. Emphasizing on BH automotive, mining and metallurgic industry, Ambassador MARIC, invited the MHPS representatives to work closely together in deepening and expanding cooperation with the possibility of joint and direct investments. The general manager of MHPS, Mr. ITO presented MHPS consortium activities and expressed content for being the first desulphation system constructor in the Balkans. In hope that this is only the beginning of the cooperation, MHPS general manager, Mr. ITO invited Ambassador MARIC to visit MHPS Gro

07 Apr The encounter with the new JICA representative for the Balkan region

On April the 4th, Ambassador MARIC met with the new permanent representative of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mr. KONAYASHI, accompanied with the former JICA representative Mr. ABE, and director of the European department, Mr. YOKOTA. Mr. ABE introduced the on-going JICA-led projects to Ambassador MARIC and announced that the new representative, Mr. KNYASHI will take office on April the 18th in the regional representative office of JICA in Belgrade and that Mr. KONYASHI plans to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina on April the 20th. Ambassador MARIC mentioned the positive experiences of BH experts’ and officials’ trainings in Japan. In terms of economic cooperation, Ambassador MARIC spoke of “Ugljevik” thermoelectric power plant desulphation project conducted by a Japanese company MHPS and financed by an attractive loan of the Japanese government. Ambassador MARIC stressed upon the great opportunity for MHPS to place itself through this project as a regional leader in reduction of smoke gas emission and in this way contribute to the cooperation among Japan and the region, Balkan greening process and regional inclusiveness.

07 Apr Nagano mayor’s visit to the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan

On March 27th, the mayor of Nagano city, Mr. Hisao KATO visited the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo in the goal of conducting antecedent talks to the ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding between the city of Nagano and the Olympic committee of BH. The program of exchange would encompass deeper cooperation in education and sports exchange. On more practical terms, Mayor KATO hopes to host a part of BH Olympic team’s training, where sports fields and facilities as well as the accommodation and transportation, would be financed by Nagano city. Ambassador MARIC welcomed mayor KATO and has firstly expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome of BH Olympic team during XVIII Olympic games in 1998. Ambassador MARIC supported the current initiative and requested to amend the draft Memorandum in order to allow BH sportsmen to visit the city before and after the Olympic games in 2020. H.E. Mr. MARIC backed the initiative of local governments in deepening cooperation in education sports and culture between the two countries, which in his view also contribute to peace and tolerance in the world. Ambassador MARIC has invited the mayor to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina to fur

07 Apr Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affair of Japan

On March the 23rd, invited by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mr. Fumio KISHIDA, Ambassador MARIC attended the seminar of regional promotion of Yamaguchi prefecture, followed by a reception, held at Iikura, MFA’s guesthouse. During the meeting with Mr. KISHIDA, Ambassador MARIC expressed his regret at the postponed visit of BH Minister of Foreign Affairs in hope to reschedule the meeting later on this year. He uttered his satisfaction for the good and friendly relations between the two countries and expressed his intent to focus on deepening economic ties and attracting Japanese investments. Minister KISHIDA recognized and welcomed Ambassador’s interest and attention for Japanese culture and tradition as well as for Japanese regional capacities that will open doors of cooperation in various fields. The Minister wished the Ambassador a successful mandate in hope to maintain and further develop relations between the two countries.

07 Apr Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a concert of classic guitar

Under the patronage of Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo in cooperation with Min-On Concert Association, Tokyo New City Orchestra (TNCO) and MSC Young Artists (MSC YA), the concert of classical guitar was held on March the 20th and 22nd, where the professor from the Academy of Arts from Sarajevo Mr. Dani SEHU presented the Japanese audience with pieces from renaissance, baroque, classical Spanish literature and BH heritage. Invited to perform in Tokyo by the director of TNCO and MCS YA, Ms. Nakako WATANABE, prof. SHEHU performed firstly at the oldest center for acupuncture and vocal education for the blind Ejima Sugiyama Jinja; two days later the “Dani Sehu Guitar night” at Min-On musical museum attracted many spectators from the corps diplomatique of Japan, MFA and JICA representatives, BH citizens in Japan, professors from the University of Sofia, former Ambassador of Japan in BH and many public figures from the Japanese cultural scene. Emphasizing on SEHU’s international recognition Ambassador MARIC opened the ceremony by greeting the audience and expressing gratitude to Ms. WANTABE and the president of Min-In, Mr. Hiroyasu KOBAYASHI for their support in organizing the

07 Apr ART FAIR TOKYO 2017

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina has cosponsored Art Fair Tokyo 2017, the biggest art festival under the patronage of the Government of Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as well as a the embassies of BH, Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Macedonia, Germany, Panama, Spain, Russia and San Marino. Since 2005, the fair gives prominence to the links between the past and future as well as Europe and Asia by exhibiting works from Antiquity to the Modern period, handmade souvenirs and Japanese antiquities. Various people from Japanese public and cultural scene attended the opening ceremony including the spouse of the Japanese premier, Ms. Akie ABE. The organizer and director of the festival Mr. Mika LEE expressed gratitude for Ambassador MARIC’s support, while H.E. Mr. MARIC, satisfied with the organization of the event, put forth the importance of art as means of expression of oneself and the environment and as a major tool in bridging the gaps among civilizations. Ambassador MARIC took the opportunity to introduce Taide JASAREVIC and Muhamed KAFEDZIC’s works inspired by Japanese tradition and culture, hoping that the next art fes

07 Apr Posjeta predstavnika Rudnika i termoelektrane Ugljevik

Dana 16.03.2017.godine, Ambasadu BiH u Japanu posjetili predstavnici Rudnika i termoelektrane Ugljevik i sa ambasadorom BiH, Borislavom Marić, razgovarali o načinima i modalitetima unapređenja ekonomske saradnje sa Japanom na polju energetike. Delegaciju od sedam članova predvodio je direktor RiTE Ugljevik, Đorđe Popović sa svojim saradnicima i predstavnici ACTIV iz Austrije, koji su nosioci ovog projekta. Direktor Popović informisao je ambasadora Marić o značajnom ugovoru sa japanskim konzorcijumom Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems /MHPS/ za odsumporavanje dimnih gasova vrijednim oko 80 miliona eura. Naglasio je da je to jedna od najvećih investicija u RiTA Ugljevik od njene izgradnje, te da će se odsumporavanjem produžiti životni vijek termoelektrane, što predstavlja perspektivu za čitav region. Ovaj strateški projekat je značajan kako za zaštitu zdravlja stanovništva, tako i za stabilnost energetskog sektora, kao i za izvršavanje međunarodnih obaveza Republike Srpske i BiH u pogledu primjene međunarodnih ekoloških standarda i smanjenja emisije štetnih gasova, što je od izuzetnog značaja za provođenje ukupne nacionalne politike, naglasio je Popović. Izgradnja sistema za odsump

18 Mar Novoimenovani ambasador BiH u Japanu Dr.Sci. Borislav Marić predao kopije akreditivnih pisama

Ambasador Bosne i Hercegovine u Japanu, Borislav Marić, dana 09.03.2017.godine predao kopije akreditivnih pisama zamjeniku ministra vanjskih poslova Japana, Shinsuke Sugiyama. Prije susreta sa zamjenikom ministra, ambasador Marić je imao sastanak sa Šefom Protokola, Kaoru Shimazaki. Ambasador Marić je upoznao zamjenika ministra Sugiyamu sa aktuelnom situacijom u Bosni i Hercegovini i izrazio zahvalnost za pomoć koju je Japan pružio Bosni i Hercegovini. Naglasio je dobre i prijateljske bilateralne odnose dvije zemlje i uspješnu saradnju na multilateralnom planu. Istakao je punu opredjeljenost BiH da dalje razvija i jača odnose sa Japanom, uključujući kulturnu, sportsku i naučnu saradnju, kao i potrebu za unapređenjem ekonomskih odnosa dvije zemlje. Iskazao je punu posvećenost razvijanju ekonomske saradnje sa Japanom i istakao brojne investicione mogućnosti u BiH, te ukazao na različite oblike saradnje na energetskom planu, razvoju infrastrukture, zaštiti okoliša, automobilskoj i poljoprivrednoj industriji. Izrazio je žaljenje zbog odgađanja posjete ministra vanjskih poslova BiH Japanu, te iskazao želju da se posjeta realizuje u toku ove godine. Sugiyama je poželio uspješan mandat am

07 Nov Invitation to tender for the provision of real estate sales services the sale of diplomatic real estate in New York (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Bonn (Germany) and Bern (Switzerland)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Slovenia, and the Republic of Serbia – as the sole Successor States to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (hereinafter “the SFRY”) – and the co-owners of diplomatic and consular property of the SFRY, as the previous title owner, hereby issue an invitation to tender for the provision of the service of brokering the sale of the following immovable property1 : a) Permanent Mission of the SFRY to the UN, New York, USA (854 Fifth Avenue, N.Y. 10065); additional indicative data: block 1391, Lot 6, site area 3,600 sq. ft./30 x 120, gross living area 16,125 sq. ft, est. 1910; b) Residence of the Permanent Representative of the SFRY to the UN, New York, USA (730 Park Avenue, N.Y. 10021); additional indicative data: Apt. 16/17B, cooperative interest, 718/30.000 shares, block 1385, Lot 37, project name: Park 71st St. Corp., gross living area above grade 4,294 sq. ft., Act. Age: 1929; c) Embassy and residence of the SFRY in Tokyo, Japan (7-24, 4-chome, Kitashinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo); additional indicative data: land 316-37 Kita Shinagawa 4-Chome, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, registered to

08 Nov 2014. – Charity Gala Dinner in Tokyo

8 Nov 2014 12:16 Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, contributed to the promotion of prevention and fight against breast cancer at the Charity Gala Dinner in Tokyo. Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, Anesa Kundurović, attended the Charity Gala Dinner which was organized by the Pink Beauty Foundation on November 8, 2014, at the Tokyo American Club. The Charity Gala Dinner is held annually with the aim of promoting the prevention of breast cancer in Japan, with the participation of a large number of eminent experts, doctors and honorary members of the Foundation. As part of this year’s event, both a raffle and auction were held, for which Ambassador Kundurović donated two wooden boxes, handiwork of a BiH company “Rukotvorine” in Konjic. The total income is intended for international scholarships for young experts selected by the Japanese Society for Fighting Against Breast Cancer. President of the Pink Beauty Foundation, Hiroko Suzuki, is a great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina and was one of the biggest sponsors of the charity event to raise funds for flood victims in BiH, which was organized by the Embassy of BiH in Tokyo

08 Oct Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan Anesa Kundurović attended the exhibition “Hidden Japan 2015 – through Diplomats’ Eyes

On 8 October 2015,  ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japan Anesa Kundurović, at the invitation of princess Takamado, attended the opening ceremony of photo exhibition titled “Hidden Japan 2015 – through Diplomats’ Eyes“. The photo called “Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun, an awakening world”, authored by ambassador Kundurović, was also exhibited. Princess Takamado thanked ambassador Kundurović for her participation and a unique photo which in a symbolic way depicts the specific nature of Japan’s climate and sunrise in the Land of the Rising Sun. She expressed her hope that the ambassador would participate next year, too, in this exhibition that has already become a traditional one, and is greeted with great interest by the Japanese public. Ambassador Kundurović pointed out the importance of the exhibition for the strengthening of the cultural exchange and bringing together different traditions of all of the participants in displaying the unique Japanese everyday life through photos of diplomats. She expressed her gratitude to princess Takamado for her active engagement and contribution to the development of sports and cultural links with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The a

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