Consular Assistance


In case of loss or theft of documents:

Report the loss to the nearest police station. They will issue a police report and a certificate.

Then contact your Embassy to apply for a:

1. travel certificate for your return journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the case of arrest or imprisonment:

If you are arrested, you should ask the local Authorities to contact the Embassy of Bosnia and

Herzegovina. When the Embassy is notified of the arrest or imprisonment, we can inform the

local Authorities that you are under consular protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ask

information about the reason of your arrest or imprisonment. The Embassy can arrange for

you to be visited by a representative of the Embassy. We can verify with the local Authority

the circumstances of your arrest and the fulfillment of the local laws during the arrest. A

representative of the Embassy can provide a list of local lawyers upon your request. (You

would be responsible for the fees).

In the case of illness:

If you become ill while abroad, you can contact the Embassy for a list of local clinics and

hospitals. (You cover the cost of hospital and other expenses).

In the case of serious accident:

The Embassy will inform your family of your condition through competent Authorities.

At the request of the family the Embassy will consider with them a continuation of your


In the case of death:

In the case of death, the Embassy will notify the family. At the request of the family the

Embassy will provide them with the information about the return of the remains back to

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Costs for preparing and the return of the remains are borne by the


In case of other problems:

The Embassy can give advice and provide a list of useful contact (lawyers, attorneys, ect.)

When the Embassy cannot assist you:

Cannot repatriate you at the expense of the State.

Cannot pay your penalties, hotel, medical or any other bills.

Cannot intervene in a judicial process to obtain your release if you committed a crime in the

host country.

The Embassy does not substitute travel agencies, banks or insurance companies.

Cannot provide consular protection if you have citizenship of the host country.