Consular Services


Consular services include:

– Issuing of travel documents (travelling certificates)

– Signature authentication on various documents (declarations/statements, life certificates,

consents, power of attorney, statement of inheritance, etc)

– Certification of photocopies

– Consideration of applications and other requests

– Issuance of various certificates

– Signature authentication on the request for acquisition of BiH citizenship and on the

request for revocation of BiH citizenship as well as on the declaration of renunciation of BiH

citizenship for persons who have applied for citizenship of a country outside the region of

former SFRY

– Issuance of visas for foreigners who currently hold a resident permit in Japan and bear a

passport of a country that requires BiH visa

– Registering certificates of birth, marriage and death that have occurred in Japan in the

Registry of Municipal Civil Offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Legal international assistance to the citizens of BiH residing in Japan

– Visits to the citizens of BiH that have been deprived of freedom at their explicit request