Investing and doing Business in BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina . . . good manpower, good clients, good results.
Is there a need for something else?

 BiH has very favorable geographical position – being on the cross road between the West and
the East, Mediterranean and the Continent, two hours flight distance from business centers;

 Companies in BiH have rich tradition of successful participation in international projects worldwide (before the war, some of companies from BiH were leading world companies in their

 BiH has highly qualified and motivated workforce, with good knowledge of foreign languages;

 BiH has stable currency linked to  EURO;

 Inflation rate per annum in BiH does not exceed 3%

 95% of products from BiH is exempted from all taxes during import in the countries of EU;

 BiH enjoys trade preferential when exporting its goods in certain number of other countries;

 In terms of the rights, foreign investors are equaled to local ones;

 Rights of foreign investors in BiH are specially protected;

 BiH has up to date telecommunication network;

 BiH is important power producer and exporter in the region; Sarajevo is becoming one of the most important congress as well as winter centers in the South Eastern