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Sarajevo Business Forum 2015

The 6th International Investment Conference “Sarajevo Business Forum 2015” will be held in Sarajevo on May 13th-14th, 2015. This conference is organized by Bosna Bank International (BBI) Sarajevo with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H.

Bosna Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with its shareholders (Islamic Development Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) and other international partners is organizing an Annual Investment Conference – Sarajevo Business Forum. The Conference was initially organized in 2010 and since then has been held every year. Sarajevo Business Forum has been positioned as one of the most important business and investments events for Southeast Europe.

The Conference is gathering businessmen and project owners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia on one hand and on the other, their counterparts from more than 30 countries worldwide. It represents a platform for business networking and exploration of investment opportunities in Southeast Europe region with sole objective to foster its economic development.

Each year the Conference gathers more than 1000 participants and has full media coverage locally and internationally (Al Jazeera Network, TRT,Anadolu Agency, Reuters, etc).

The 6th Sarajevo Business Forum will include presentations of business and investment opportunities in Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture, IT, Tourism and other areasfrom seven countries of Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. During the conference, as in previous years, interested entrepreneurs will have the ability to hold B2B meetings.


Investment Opportunities



Privatization Opportunities

Privatization in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an overall process, which provides an array of the possibility to both local and foreign physical and legal entities to participate in the purchase of the state capital, including enterprises, banks and apartments with existing tenancy rights.

The “strategic enterprises” were selected for tender privatization, offering numerous privatization opportunities to remain throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The privatization process of state-owned companies is well underway. An estimated 60% of small companies and more than 30% of the large ones are now privately owned or publicly traded. Bosnia and Herzegovina is accelerating the privatization process for companies of strategic importance in order to increase economic growth and enhance the volume of foreign investment.

Nevertheless, a number of these “strategic enterprises”, which includes large enterprises, telecommunications and power utilities sectors, public utilities, mines, etc, are not still privatized, presenting a choice of opportunities for potential foreign and local investors.

Privatization is managed by the FB&H Privatization Agency and cantonal privatization agencies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the “Republika Srpska” Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS).

Constitutionally, the Entities are responsible for structural reform, though, for instance, state level law deals with non-discrimination and transparency of the privatization process throughout the country, and in the FBiH significant implementing authority is at the cantonal level in the privatization of enterprises.

Agency for Privatization in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FPA) is specialized organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina performing professional, advisory, promotional, educational and other business activities relating to the privatization process.

The”Republika Srpska” Investment-Development Bank (IRBRS)  is authorized to sell state capital in and restructure enterprises with majority state capital which is subject to privatization.

Testimonials & Success Stories

„The banking sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina is completely developed and offers the full range of banking services. In conjunction with the Central Bank of BiH, this creates a sound base for the financial stability of the country.”
Kemal Kozarić, Governor of the Central Bank of BiH

Investment Projects


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FIPA Database of Investment Projects…invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina.This database of more than 150 available investment projects throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to facilitate you in discovering your specific business interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The projects are selected based on interest of domestic partners for cooperation with foreign investors and they can be searched by sectors and subsectors including agriculture, food processing, metal industry, automotive industry, tourism, energy sector, and many others.The projects are presented in shortened version with the basic information on project description, investment costs and forms of cooperation with foreign partners. If you have an interest for a specific project, we will be pleased to provide you with the contacts of project proposer and additional information on the project. We hope that this data base will suit your needs and help you in matching appropriate business partners for investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To research FIPA database of Investment Projects, please click on Investment Project at the top of a page or click here.


Representative Offices of Foreign Persons in B&H

Foreign person can establish a Representative Office in B&H for performing market research, informative and promotional activities, and for its own representation. The Representative Office does not have the status of a legal entity, i.e. the Representative Office can not conclude agreements in name of its founder except representative offices of foreign air transportation companies which can sell transportation documents in accordance with bilateral agreements and international conventions signed by Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Representative Office becomes operational after entering into the Register of Foreign Representative Offices kept by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relation B&H

The B&H Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations must adju­dicate on the application for entry into the Registry within 10 days from the day of its filing.

Testimonials & Success Stories

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is good place for investing”.
Dr. Erhard BUSEK, President of Vienna Economic Forum and Former Vice Chancellor of Austria.


Restrictions on foreign direct investments in B&H

According to the Law on the Policy of Foreign Direct Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign equity ownership of business entity engaged in the production and sale of arms, ammunition, explosives for the military use, military equipment and media shall not exceed 49% of the equity in that business entity.

In case of investing in the above-mentioned sectors, foreign investor must obtain prior approval from the competent body of the respective Entity. The Entity Government may decide, if it deems justified, that the share of foreign entity for certain enterprises engaged in the production and sale of arms, ammunition, explosives for military use, military equipment is not subject to the above restriction.

Restrictions applicable to domestic investment on account of public policy (l’order public), public health and protection of the environment are equally applied to foreign investment.