Ambasador Maric laid flowers at the Memorial park monument in HIROSHIMA

On August the 5th Ambassador MARIC bowed before the Memorial park Monument in respect to the victims of the atomic bombing and delivered a message to the organizing committee from BH cities, members of “Mayors for Peace”.
Speaking with HIROSHIMA officials, Ambasador MARIC said victims of atomic bombing should never be forgotten and should remind us of the need to conduct policies of peace and dialogue, that will promote and respect the highest human values.
In addition, Ambassador MARIC said that it is the World Leaders’ duty to prevent such tragedies in future by denuclearization.
From the 5th to 9th August, invited by Mayors of HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI, Ambassador MARIC will attend the 72nd ceremony in respect to the victims of the atomic bombing. The ceremony will include a visit to the Memorial Park, bowing before victims’ monument, survivors’ testimonies, student encounters and meetings with the highest officials of the two cities.
The Mayor of HIROSHIMA, Mr. MATSUI thanked Ambassador MARIC for his solidarity and presence at the memorial of the world’s biggest atomic tragedy.




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