Visit to the International House of Japan

On June the 6th, Ambassador MARIC visited the International House of Japan (IHJ), a nongovernmental and non-profit organization whose main purpose is the intellectual exchange between Japan and other foreign countries through lectures, symposiums, cultural events and programs for human development. The president of IHJ Mr. AKASHI, a former High diplomat and a Special Representative of Secretary General of the UN for former Yugoslavia, during his meeting with Ambassador MARIC, introduced his peaceful role in fostering equality and mutual trust among the people in BH. Speaking of the much-needed good neighbourly relations, Mr. AKASHI also stressed upon the need to further deepen the mutual respect among Japan, China and Korea. Ambassador MARIC acknowledged Mr. AKASHIS peace-making role and spoke of the current developments in BH. He also took the opportunity to thank Japan for its efforts in reconstruction and development in BH after the tragic events of the 1990’s. Mr. AKASHI invited Ambassador MARIC to attend seminars organized by the IHJ and to give a lecture on the progress of post-Dayton BH.

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