Retrospective exhibition “Japan through the lens of diplomats”

On May the 11th, invited by Princess TAKAMADO, Ambassador MARIC, attended the 20 year anniversary exhibition ” Japan through the lens of diplomats”. 

The exhibition featured retrospective  photographs taken by ambassadors and diplomats from 1998 to 2017. 

Princess TAKAMADO, the honorary president of the executive committee, emphasized on the importance of such perspective for Japanese people. Famous for her photographic pieces, princess TAKAMADO expressed her gratitude for all exhibitors and invited ambassadors to join this year’s traditional exhibition with their own photographs. 

Ambassador MARIC shared his appreciation for the photographs with Princess TAKAMADO, and spoke of the meaningful cultural exchange and the link it creates among authors and the public. Ambassador MARIC took the opportunity to introduce BH Association  of Art photography  founded in 1910  and also  invite Princess TAKAMADO to visit BH. 








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