Exhibition of Award Winning Works from BiH

Exhibition of Award Winning Works from BiH

On the premises of the Municipality of Meguro in Tokyo, an exhibition of award winning

works, children’s drawings from Bosnia and Herzegovina, was opened. The sponsors of the

exhibition are the Municipality of Meguro, a non-governmental organization Ipil-Ipil, MIFA-

Meguro International Friendship Association and the BiH Embassy in Tokyo. The exhibition

will be open to the public from 1 to 17 July 2014, and upon its very opening it received a

great deal of attention of the citizens, students and general public. The Municipality of

Meguro is one of the larger municipalities of the Prefecture of Tokyo with the total population

of around 270,000. In order to facilitate cultural exchange, the Municipality made available a

part of its space on the first floor of the building, free of charge, for the organization of the

exhibition. The non-governmental organization Ipil-Ipil visited Bosnia and Herzegovina this

year and organized a competition in children’s drawings in which 9 primary schools from the

Sarajevo area took part. Award winning works were presented at the exhibition, and all the

participants from BiH received plaques and thank-you notes for their participation.

The non-governmental organization MIFA supports the work of volunteers and cultural

exchange with internationals who stay in the Municipality of Meguro,through Japanese

language classes, organization of symposia and provision of consulting services. During the

conversation with the Director General of the Municipality of Meguro in charge of cultural and

sports cooperation, Ms. Hiromi Ueda and her staff, theywere thanked for their support in the

organization of the exhibition, and a wish was expressed to develop cultural and educational

cooperation with municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ms. Ueda stressed that with this

exhibition they were trying to draw the attention of their citizens to cultural diversity, but also

to the joint commitment of all people of good will for the development of friendly relations.

Dominant motives such as peace, love, friendship and symbolic connecting of diversity are

depicted in the award winning drawings. Director of the Department for the promotion of

cultural cooperation of the Municipality of Meguro, Mr. Takaaki Murakami, expressed his

hope that municipalities from Bosnia and Herzegovina will also facilitate organization of an

exhibition of children’s drawings from Japanon their premises.

Representatives of the Municipality inquired about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

after the disastrous floods when a big number of schools have been destroyed which need to

be rehabilitated. They expressed their hope that the rehabilitation and renewal process in the

flood affected areas, with the assistance of the international community and donations of

different organizations and individuals would enable the population from these areas to

return to their homes as soon as possible. Donations of individuals and NGOs paid on the

account of the BiHEmbassy in Tokyo by 30 June 2014 amount to over 2 million yen /around


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