Interview with a Journalist of theTV channel J-Sports

Interview with a Journalist of theTV channel J-Sports

On 3 June 2014, Mr. Kyoko Koshikawa, a sports journalist of J-Sports TV channel with his

crew visited the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo in relation to the upcoming

Football World Championship in Brazilin order to have an interview with the BiH Ambassador

regarding the participation of the BiH football team on the Championship.With respect to the

Football World Championship, journalists and commentators of the sports TV channel

requested an interview from the ambassadors of 32 countries whose national teams are

going to participate in the World Championship in Brazil. Ambassador Kundurović introduced

the representatives of J-Sports Corporation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, underlining the

beauty of its nature, the country’s rich historic and cultural heritage, calling it a unique place

in the world where the civilizations of the east and west meet, and stressing the optimistic

spirit of the people despite all the difficulties. She underlined the great success of our team in

having qualified and appearing for the first time in the World Championship, noting that

Bosnian Dragons were greeted with ovations and had an exceptional support of the whole

country, with the hope that they would pass to the second round of the World Cup.

Our team has united the whole country and all Bosnians and Herzegovinians will give moral

support to our team. The BiH team travelled to the USA on 27 May and as part of the

preparations, it played friendly matches with national teams of Ivory Coast and Mexico, which

the Bosnian Dragons won. The journalist inquired about coach Sušić and the composition of

the national team, commenting on the writing of some of our media concerning the choice of

the team members. Ambassador Kundurović said that we fully trusted coach Sušić and his

choice, and that the group we are in, comprising Nigeria, Argentina and Iran, deserved great

respect, but that with enthusiasm, focus on the game and fair play,we nevertheless expected

from our team, the Dragons, to bring us to the second round by doing their best and playing

whole heartedly because they are going to play for our country, Bosnia and

Herzegovina. Mr.Koshikawa thanked the Ambassador for the interview and for the very

interesting and informative presentation of the country and the team of Bosnia and

Herzegovina, adding that despite the time difference /matches will be played early in the

morning, at 6 and 7 o’clock Japanese time/ he would watch all the events in the pitch. He

wished success to the BiH team.

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