Presentation of Turkish Airlines on the Japanese Market

Presentation of Turkish Airlines and the promotion of touristic potentials of the

Balkans’ countries on the Japanese market held on 22 May 2014

The presentation of the Turkish company and the promotion of the region of Balkans was

attended by representatives of 25 Japanese tourist agencies,representatives of diplomatic

missions accredited to Japan, a number of private companies, and representatives of Relax

tours and Fortuna tours from BiH. Promotion materials of the companies from the region of

the Balkans were handed out to those present, and Ambassador Kundurović handed out

BiH touristic materials received via Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH. During her

address, ambassador Kundurović stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina had great and diverse

touristic potential and natural beauties. The area of Bosnia and Herzegovinais rich in woods,

medicinal herbs, thermal springs, mineral and drinking water sources.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its spa and rehabilitation tourism, picturesque

landscapes, mountains, rivers and lakes. She highlighted the cooperation with the most

famous Japanese tour operator HIS Co, who has announced the visit of Japanese tourists to

Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer. Unfortunately, at this moment, Bosnia and

Herzegovina is facing a huge natural disaster, whose consequences will be felt for a long time

in the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Kundurović said. She invited those

present to visit BiH as soon as possible, in order to offer support to the region threatened by

floods and landslides, noting that the area of Herzegovina, as well as the capital Sarajevo

were not affected by the floods.

Those present expressed their understanding for the Ambassador’semotional address, as

well as their satisfaction with the tourist leaflets of BiH that they received. Mr. Inoue, the

chairman of the YASU Project, offered his cooperation and assistance in the promotion of the

touristic potential of BiH.

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