Meeting with the BH Diaspora in Japan

At the initiative of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tokyo, on 5 April

2014, an informal whole-day socializing with the citizens of BiH in Japan was

organized in a well known Tokyo park of Shinjuku Gyoen.15 out of 26 citizens

ofBiHwith their families, who according to the Embassy’s record are staying in

Japan, attended the event.

The occasion for the meeting in the organization of the Embassy of BiHin Japan was the

marking of the Japanese traditional custom of cherry blossom viewing and the introduction of

the new Ambassador of BiH to Japan to the citizens of BiH. The month of April when cherries

bloom is a great event in Japan, both for the Japanese people and for all others in Japan.

The tradition which is thousands of years old, known as hanami, which means cherry

blossom viewing, is celebrated in various ways, primarily by family and friends gathering and

sitting under the cherry tree. Ambassador Anesa Kundurović thanked the BiH citizens for

accepting her invitation and informed them of the Embassy’s activities conducted with the

objective of promoting the tourism, culture, customs and tradition of BiHin Japan.

In order to promote the BH touristic potential, cooperation was established with HIS Co, the

most famous tour operator, who has announced a visit of a group of 50 Japanese tourists to

BiH in the coming period. The role of our citizens who live and work in Japan is important for

the spreading and development of good and friendly relations with Japan, and today’s

meeting is a good opportunity for strengthening mutual cooperation between the citizens of

BiH in Japan, underlined Ambassador Kundurović. Through joint initiatives of the Embassy

and its citizens we can contribute to the spreading of a positive image ofBiH, notably in the

field of sports, culture, cinematography, for which BiH is well known in Japan, mentioning the

popularity of the legend of the BH football, Mr. IvicaOsim, about whom a serial is prepared by

a Japanese TV station (to be broadcast in June), as well as the screening of the film “Snow”

during the month of June of 2014. Citizens of BiH in Japan expressed their satisfaction for

being gathered together as well as with the celebration of this great holiday in the

organization of the Embassy, wishing the newly appointed Ambassador ofBiHto

Japan success in her work, and expressing the hope that the socializing of our citizens and

the cooperation with the Embassy would continue in the future.

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