Reception on the Occasion of the 8.March, the International Women’s Day, and the Beginning of the Realization of the Women Networking

Ambassador Anesa Kundurovic attended the reception organized on the

occasion of the International Women’s Day,8th March, held in the residence of

the Ambassador of Colombia, Ms. Patricia Kardenas.

The reception was conceived, at the initiative of the Colombian Ambassador, as a beginning

of an open discussion between successful Japanese women from the domain of business

and politics and women ambassadors to Japan, aimed at promoting more active inclusion of

Japanese women into various spheres of the society. According to the political platform of

the current Prime MinisterShinzo Abe, it is their goal to create by 2020 a society in which

30% of Japanese women would be employed in the administration, business and other

spheres of society. However, a small number of Japanese women participate in business,

and a very minor number head leading firms or companies (the number is very low in

supervisory positions in the administration). The main reason for this, according to the

Japanese themselves, is the state of mind and traditional up-bringing which requires that

women should take care of the household and the family.

Women ambassadors to Japan (currently 16 ambassadors) have supported this initiative of

the Colombian Ambassador and before the reception, they organized a working breakfast at

which they discussed the innovative ways to contribute and actively support the realization of

this aspect (women’s rights) within the framework of the Japanese Government program.

It was agreed to start with the organization of the networking events for women which would,

among others, include seminars, lectures at faculties and schools,various academic events

and the like.The aim is to show on the example of women ambassadors, as well as other

successful Japanese women, that it is possible to have both a successful career and a

family, all for the purpose of education and ensuring the right of choice and information for

young girls in Japan. The importance that the Japanese themselves attach to the promotion

of women’s rights has been confirmed by the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio

Kishida at the reception in the Colombian residence, as well as Minister for Gender Equality

Affairs, Masako Mori, and Deputy Minister of Trade, Midori Matsushima. A number of invitees

attended (over 80) from the field of culture, business, politics and

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