Anesa Kundurovic

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Japan, non-residently covers the Republic of Korea

31 Aug Meeting with the Mayor of Karatsu

On August the 7th, the Mayor of KARATSU, SAGA Prefecture, Mr. MINE welcomed Ambassador MARIC to the city of KARATSU as a part of the memorial ceremonies in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. The city of KARATSU is a historical city known for trade with China and Korea. Durig the meeting Ambassa

31 Aug Meeting with the newly appointed MFA Mr. KONO

On August the 5th, Ambasador MARIC met with the newly appointed minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Toro KONO in HIROSHIMA during the atomic bombing commemoration ceremony . Ambassador MARIC congratulated Mr. KONO and expressed his wish to further ameliorate relations among the two cou

31 Aug Presentation of OKOYAMA Prefecture

On August the 2nd, invited by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ambassador MARIC attended the presentation of OKOYAMA Prefecture at the State Guest House. In addition to the magnificesnt video recording, the presentation was topped with a traditional opening of SAKE barrels. A

11 Jul Attending the Presentation on Fukuoka Prefecture

On July the 4th, Ambassador MARIC attended the comprehensive presentation of Fukuoka Prefecture at IKURA House. Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the presentation led by Fukuoka’s Governor Mr. OGAWA and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. KISHIDA, exposed prefectu

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