Ivo Andric

IVO ANDRIĆ, Nobel Prize winner for literature, is the most famous name BH. literature in the world. He was born in the village of Dolac near Travnik in 1892. After completing elementary and high school in Travnik, Visegrad and Sarajevo, he continued his studies in Zagreb, Vienna and Krakow. After completing a doctorate in Graz in 1924, joined the diplomatic corps newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. He left his last diplomatic mission Ambassador in Berlin immediately after the German attacked and occupied Yugoslavia 06.04.1941. After returning to Belgrade, Andric retired from public life, writing in the isolation of his home some of the best works. During World War II he wrote his most important book - a novel "Bridge on the Drina", for which he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1961. His other works - Travnik Chronicle, Pripovijetke, damn avlija, and others belong to the highest category of literary art. Andric died on 13.03.1975.

Vladimir Prelog

Bosnia and Herzegovina has another Nobel Prize winner. That is Vladimir Prelog who received this highest international award for science in 1975. Vladimir Prelog was born in 1906 in Sarajevo, then under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. He finished high school in Zagreb, and received his university degree at the Czech Institute of Technology in Prague in 1929. University, research and scientific carrier of Vladimir Prelog was closely tied to the great scientist Leopold Ruzicka, who was his professor in the studies. Ruzicka saved Prelog in the beginning of World War II, inviting him to work at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he fully developed his scientific potential, on the basis of which in 1975 he shared the prize for chemistry with the Australian scientist JW Cornforth. Vladimir Prelog died on 07.01.1998. year.

Mesa Selimovic

In addition to Ivo Andric, Mesa Selimovic is undoubtedly the most significant name in the literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Born in 1910 in Tuzla. Upon completion of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, he worked as a secondary school teacher in his hometown until the outbreak of World War II. It was closed in 1942, and in 1943 joined the partisans, the antifascist army of the people of Yugoslavia. After the war, he worked as a university lecturer in Sarajevo and accepted many important duties in culture. The last years of life spent in Belgrade, the hometown of his wife. Selimovic's prose writer, and his literary opus includes several books of short stories, novels, studies, essays and polemical writing. Its greatest success with his novel "Death and the Dervish", for which he won all the biggest Yugoslav Prize for Literature. The next novel "Fortress" (1970) was also very popular. Mesa Selimovic died in Belgrade 11.07.1982. year.