Important Dates in BiH History

26.October 1377:

Ban Tvrtko from Dinasty gets Crowned,after that event Bosnian independent Kingdom is being established.


Kingdom of Bosnia gets ocuppied by the Ottoman Empire.


Bosnia and Herzegovina came under the control of Austro-Hungarian Empire in the borders that mainly represent the current borders

of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the newly formed South Slav kingdom of Serbs,Croats and Slovenes (soon renamed Yugoslavia).

25.November 1943:

Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held a meeting in Mrkonjic city where Bosnia and Herzegovina

is restored as a Republic in its Habsburg borders within the Yugoslav Federation.

6.April 1945:

Sarajevo is liberated from Nazi and Fascist occupation.

8. – 19. February 1984:

XIV Winter Olympic Games are held in Sarajevo.

1.March 1992:

Bosnia and Herzegovina held a referendum of Independence.

22.May 1992:

Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of the United Nations.

14.December 1995:

┬áBosnia and Herzegovina signed the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina( known as the “Dayton Agreement”).

29.February 1996:

Completion of the Siege of Sarajevo.

16.June 2008:

Bosnia and Herzegovina signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union,which has made its first step towards

full membership.

1.January 2010:

Bosnia and Herzegovina became a permament member of the Security Council of the United Nations.

23.April 2010:

At a meeting in Tallin,Estonia,foreign ministers of NATO approved to start the process for a Membership Action Plan (MAP) with

Bosnia and Herzegovina.